BMH Technology

BMH Technology

BMH Technology Oy has specialized on various turnkey installations worldwide. Competence in technology, project management, manufacture and erection enable to offer turnkey projects for customers all over the world. This is strongly supported by own workshop manufacture located in Rauma, Finland. Key equipment and components are manufactured at big and well-equipped workshops which guarantees their high quality and reliable delivery times.

Three main fields of activity are:

  • BMH Energy - fuel handling systems to power stations. Ash, sand and lime handling equipments are included.
  • BMH Enviro - heavy duty industrial waste processing and recycling systems. Multi-purpose plants.
  • BMH Service - continuous and fault-free operation of BMH handling systems and equipment is safeguarded worldwide by after-sales services and spare parts supplies. Modernization projects.

BMH Technology Oy is part of Hollming Group. Total number of employees is 120 and the annual turnover is over 40 MEUR. Hollming Group employs over 1,000 people and the net sales is more than 160M EUR.

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